Say hello to our trainers!

Have you met our trainers? They are some of the top oratory practitioners, not just in Asia, but also globally! Here at MIDP, you will learn only from the best in their respective fields – be it debating, public speaking, storytelling, poetry, drama, Model United Nations and others!

Competitive Debating

Elia Al Hakim

Kelviin Manuel Pillay

Silla Alam

Patrick Cheang

Hilmy Yazid

Hafiz Muh Riza

Terence Aaron Anthony

Tariq Maketab

Rafiq Salladin

Danesh Aggarwal

Public Speaking

Shah Nizam

Azureen Tarmizi

Hiffni Ariff

Angelica Guillan

Scholastic Debating

Amy Suhana

Silla Alam

Sharyfa Habshee

Hafiz Muh Riza

Samuel Desmond Tuah

Syafiq Razak

Eloquent Juniors

Alia Zulkifly

Sri Haleela

Rachel Jong

Azureen Tarmizi

Tessminder Kaur

Future Diplomats

Amirah Fatimah

Tahsin Fuad

Amirah Idrus