From Humble Beginnings

to Malaysia’s leading soft skills institute

MIDP was founded in 2010 by a group of internationally-recognised, home-grown debaters with the hope to mainstream the benefits of debating and public speaking across Malaysia. The tagline “Motivated By Passion” was coined which best describes the nature of our heart work from the very start.

Less than 2 years after its inception, MIDP was appointed by the Ministry of Education to restructure, manage and train the national debate team which represents Malaysia at the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) annually. In 2015, MIDP worked with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and Ministry of Tourism & Culture to bring the world’s largest and most prestigious debating competition (WUDC) to Malaysia which saw the participation of more than 500 delegates from 70 countries all around the world. This really put Malaysia on the map in the arena of global debating.

In 2017, a group of individuals stepped up to take over MIDP in 2017. With a renewed strategic direction, MIDP continued its work to maximise the benefits of our programmes to students across the nation. Despite the ups and downs, MIDP  managed to coach the national debate team to rank 1st in the world in WSDC 2018 for the first time in Malaysian history. The team also won the inaugural Asian Schools BP, defeating Australia, Canada and Hong Kong in the grand finals.

From only having 8 students in 2017, MIDP now cemented its role in human capital development by establishing its own soft skills school which enrols almost 300 students annually. MIDP also expanded its curriculum to arts education, storytelling, poetry, drama, hosting, writing and others, in recognition that our ultimate mission is to develop soft skills amongst students, which can be done using various tools and methods.

At the same time, MIDP hosts an average of 20 workshops and competitions at state and national levels annually. MIDP obtained certification from the Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC) under the Ministry of Human Resources to provide corporate training to professionals and working adults across Malaysia. The MIDP Foundation is also in the midst of being established to provide free soft skills education to students from underserved communities in 2021.

Today, MIDP is recognised as a leading expert on soft skills education by various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth & Sports, as well as other educational institutions and agencies.

Motivated By Passion

Facilitating the advancement of human capital in Malaysia

– Improving soft skills literacy and accessibility in Malaysia.
– Promoting intellectual discourse, constructive dissent, and freedom of speech.
– Enhancing youth empowerment, independence, and employability.


Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of our achievements over the years. Thank you to every single one of you who have been part of our journey, from inception up til today. We could not have done this without you!

The founding of the Malaysian Institute for Debate & Public Speaking (MIDP)
Appointed by MOE to restructure, train and manage Team Malaysia for World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC)
Creation of Malaysian Debaters TV for viewership across Asia.
Appointed as Advisor to the Malaysian Debate Council
Hosted the world’s largest debating competition involving 70 countries
Recognised as leading expert by MOE
Appointed by MOE to reform Malaysia’s largest nationals: Dato’ Wira Debate Competition
Team Malaysia coached by MIDP ranked first in the world. Established 2 training centres in Klang Valley
Hosted the largest debating competition in Asia Pacific involving 17 countries
Hosted the second largest debate competitionn in Asia and the world’s largest women’s debating championship involving 17 countries
The establishment of MIDP Foundation. Certified by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to run corporate training


Every once in a while, our hard work pays off. Here are some of those moments.

Coached the national schools debate team to rank 1st in the world in 2018

Appointed by the Ministry of Education to manage and train Team Malaysia, the national schools debate team to compete at the World Schools Debating Championship for 7 years, to rank 1st in the world in 2018, out of 68 countries.

Hosted some of the most prestigious debating competitions in the world

These competitions are governed by various international debating councils whereby the annual host is determined through a bidding process, voted by representatives from other countries in the region.  In total, MIDP has hosted more than 3,500 delegates from 70 countries around the world.

Produced home-grown champions at national and international tournaments

MIDP students are known to do well at local and regional competitions. As oratory champions,  they are prime candidates for distinguished scholarships into top universities in the world and are sought after in the job market.