My experience at MIDP has been one of the most vital to my overall development as a person. It has given me the wisdom and maturity beyond my age, while improving my ability to deal with real world situations. Learning here has also greatly increased my proficiency in English, helping me explore other passions such […]


Having been part of the first batch of students at MIDP under the new academic structure, I feel that I am qualified to wholeheartedly recommend MIDP classes to any aspiring debaters. Without formative training from Emellia Shariff and Mifzal Mohamed, I probably would not have become the competitive debater I am today. Classes are fun, […]


Joining MIDP in 2017 was one of the best decisions I’ve made during high school. Over the months and years of training, I’ve gained valuable insight into a diverse spectrum of political, economic, social and moral issues from all around the world. MIDP kick-started my journey in competitive debating, and above all, stimulated my desire […]


When I was younger, I struggled to convert my thoughts into words. MIDP has helped me not just in finding the confidence to speak in front of a crowd, but also invaluable analytical skills that have been crucial in my academic studies. My training with MIDP constantly challenged me to do better and provided the […]


Throughout my experience at MIDP, I’ve gained a wide set of skills that extend far beyond debating. The most valuable one by far has been the ability to present my thoughts with confidence. It has also given me the opportunity to explore and further my passion for poetry. Learning at MIDP has greatly advanced my […]