No child left behind.

Founded in 2022, the MIDP Foundation seeks to provide free and accessible soft skills education for students from underserved communities, such as those from B40 families, orphanages, stateless background, refugee camps, and other welfare centres.

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MIDP Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded on the passion to improve soft skills literacy and accessibility for students from underserved communities.

Registered pursuant to the Trust (Incorporation) Act 1952, under the purview of the Legal Affairs Division, Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia, MIDP Foundation seeks to fill the gap for soft skills development within the current education system, while addressing the need for soft skills programmes outside of the Klang Valley.

We strongly believe that soft skills education can equip our beneficiaries with the right mindset, attitude and capacity to compete in the job market, access economic opportunities, and eventually break free from the vicious cycle of poverty. We believe that this is achievable, one student at a time, through carefully curated programmes that are free and geographically accessible.

We are interested to work with various stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ensure that the benefits of our programmes reach the intended beneficiaries from various communities across Malaysia.


MIDP Foundation is governed by its Board of Trustees, a group of brilliant individuals with a diverse set of skills, expertise and experiences.

Emellia Shariff

Emellia Shariff
CEO of MIDP, Managing Partner of Speak Up Malaysia, Industry Panel Advisor for Taylor's College & Gender Activist

Ahmed Faris

Ahmed Faris
CEO of Impact Integrated - Impact Malaysia, Rakita, Spacerubix, Picksum & eSports Integrated

Yan Lim

Yan Lim
CEO of iOli Communications, Board of Advisor, Girls In Tech Malaysia & Member of Women Entrepreneur Network Association

Suresh Gnasegarah

Suresh Gnasegarah
Global Head - Digital Transformation & Enablement, Standard Chartered Bank & Industry Advisor Panellist, Asia Pacific University

Natassia Roslan

Natassia Roslan
Special Functions Officer of Minister of Defence Malaysia, Exco Member of Pergerakan Puteri UMNO Malaysia and Ketua Pergerakan Puteri UMNO Bahagian Gombak


The following table summarises the categories of beneficiaries that we seek to serve and empower through our programmes. These beneficiaries do not need to be Malaysian citizens, as long as they reside in the country.


Students between 10 – 17 years old who fall in the B40 group with a monthly household income of <RM5,000 or monthly per capita income of <RM1,500.


Youth between 18 – 28 years old who fall in the B40/M40 group with a monthly household income of <RM10,000 or per capita income of <RM2,000 per month.


Teachers, schools or learning institutions who serve a majority of students from underserved communities, in underdeveloped areas or lack access to resources.


Our programmes are properly curated for our target beneficiaries and mapped to the following social impacts, which are key soft skills areas that we have identified for the benefit of the students. These social impacts have been tested to ensure that they are meaningful and measurable.

Get in touch with us today so we can create a personalised soft skills programme that fulfils your needs, age group, competency level, time commitment and goals!

Confidence, Communication Skills & Mastery of Language

Problem Solving, Critical & Creative Thinking

General Knowledge & Understanding on Current Affairs

Appetite for Intellectual Discourse & Constructive Dissent

Empathy, Emotional Intelligence & People Management Skills


The following are some of the tools from various oratory and arts education  which we have identified and carefully curated into our programmes.