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Weekly Classes

We offer a wide range of courses at our learning centre every weekend for the duration of each Academic Year. Students will learn from world-class trainers with years of speaking and teaching experience who are passionate about the growth of the students.


Age Group

Learning Objective  #1

Learning Objective  #2

Learning Objective  #3

Eloquent Juniors

7 - 9

Foster basic understanding about the world

Develop coherent opinion on issues

Enhance confidence to speak up and interact with others through fun activity-based modules

Holistic Learning 

10 - 15

Learn and analyse multi-disciplinary subjects

Develop arguments, rebuttals, and debate strategies

Develop manner and style for persuasive communication and delivery

Public Speaking

10 - 15

Create intelligent and interesteing speeches

Learn about speech techniques and effective delivery

Develop charisma and stage presence with wit and rigour to captivate audience

Competitive Debating

12 - 17

Learn and analyse world issues from political, economic and social perspectives

Develop muscle for effective problem solving through arguments, rebuttals and debate strategies

Develop manner and style for persuasive communication and delivery

MIDP Academic Year

Our Academic Year is based on a semester system. There are three (3) semesters in an Academic Year. Every semester is three (3) months long with one (1) month of semester break in between as follows:

Semester I: January to March

Semester II: May to July

Semester III: September to December

Schedule for Semester III (September – November 2020)

CentreDayTimeClassTrainerAge GroupStatus
Petaling JayaSaturday9am - 12pmCompetitive DebatingHana Zawawi12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday12pm - 3pmCompetitive DebatingKelviin Pillay12 - 17 yearsFull
Petaling JayaSaturday12pm - 3pmCompetitive DebatingSilla Alam12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday3.30pm - 6.30pmCompetitive DebatingAmeer 'John' Ishak12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSunday9am - 12pmCompetitive DebatingPatrick Cheang12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSunday12pm - 3pmCompetitive DebatingIrtza Soomro12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSunday3.30pm - 6.30pmCompetitive DebatingKelviin Pillay12 - 17 yearsOpen
Subang JayaSaturday9am - 12pmCompetitive DebatingKimberley Tegjeu12 - 17 yearsOpen
Subang JayaSaturday3.30pm - 6.30pmCompetitive DebatingAzim Nadzari12 - 17 yearsOpen
Subang JayaSunday3.30pm - 6.30pmCompetitive DebatingMika Filoteo12 - 17 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday10am - 12pmPublic SpeakingAin Aissa10 - 15 yearsFull
Petaling JayaSaturday3.30pm - 5.30pmPublic SpeakingShah Nizam10 - 15 yearsFull
Petaling JayaSunday3.30pm - 5.30pmPublic SpeakingAin Aissa10 - 15 yearsFull
Subang JayaSaturday10am - 12pmPublic SpeakingRuqaiyah Tajuddin10 - 15 yearsOpen
Subang JayaSunday3.30pm - 5.30pmPublic SpeakingShah Nizam10 - 15 yearsFull
Online (Zoom)Thursday5.30pm - 7.30pmPublic SpeakingRuqaiyah Tajuddin10 - 15 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday1pm - 3pmEloquent JuniorsRachel Jong7 - 9 yearsFull
Petaling JayaSunday1pm - 3pmEloquent JuniorsIrfan Nazir7 - 9 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday9am - 12pmHolistic LearningEmellia Shariff10 - 15 yearsOpen
Petaling JayaSaturday3pm - 6pmHolistic LearningIzzat Arif10 - 15 yearsOpen
Subang JayaSunday9am - 12pmHolistic LearningAllison Jong10 - 15 yearsOpen

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