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The Hub for Soft Skills Education in the Klang Valley, our classes are taught at the Taylor’s College in Subang Jaya every weekend.

Day Time Programme Trainer
Saturday 9am - 12pm Competitive Debating Hana Zawawi
Saturday 9am - 12pm Holistic Learning Iman Hassan
Saturday 10am - 12pm Public Speaking Syasya Fooad
Saturday 12pm - 3pm Competitive Debating Silla Alam
Saturday 12pm - 3pm Future Diplomats Sandra Fabian
Saturday 1pm - 3pm Eloquent Juniors Rachel Jong
Saturday 3pm - 5pm Public Speaking Shah Nizam
Saturday 3pm - 5pm Eloquent Juniors Aiman Nazri
Saturday 3pm - 6pm Competitive Debating Hilmy Yazid
Saturday 3pm - 6pm Holistic Learning Hafiz Muh Riza
Sunday 9am - 12pm Competitive Debating Patrick Cheang
Sunday 9am - 12pm Holistic Learning Allison Jong
Sunday 9am - 12pm Thought Leaders Hanif Yazid
Sunday 10am - 12pm Eloquent Juniors Irfan Nazir
Sunday 12pm - 3pm Competitive Debating Irtza Soomro
Sunday 12pm - 3pm Holistic Learning Taqiyuddin
Sunday 3pm - 5pm Public Speaking Angelica Guillan
Sunday 3pm - 6pm Competitive Debating Mika Filoteo