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We are happy to announce our January 2018 enrolment of Debate and Public Speaking Courses which will be conducted by our many experienced trainers in competitive debating, and public speaking, locally and internationally. Do not miss this opportunity to get on a journey of knowledge with these great individuals.

Our classes are 3 hours long in order for everyone to get a chance to maximize their learning abilities. Our classes will only be accommodating a maximum of 15 students per class. This is to ensure that each students will be given full attention by our trainers. 

The classes conducted by MIDP as of the January – March 2018 Semester are as follows:

– Competitive Debating

– Public Speaking

– Poetry & Literature

– Holistic Learning


Workshops & Training

Being connected to high-quality training resource will be a direct gateway for students to commit to progressive and continuous improvement of themselves and their student community. MIDP provides a one-stop training centre for students to be connected with the best training materials, training events and the highest quality trainers that Malaysia has to offer. Here, students will be able to request for an institution trainer; join ready-made seminars, workshops, camps and tournaments; and craft their own customised debate courses fit for the learning needs of their community.


Join a camp or workshop!

Seminars, workshops and camps are convenient methods to target the learning needs for your student community and spur development in the short-term. MIDP believes in customised learning to address a broader exigency within the institution; be it in the lack of certain debating skills, compounding knowledge or presentation skills. We provide several template syllabuses for seminars/workshops/camps that are targeted for communities at different levels of expertise. Students and educators may edit these templates or create your own syllabus from scratch within the application process. To request for a seminar/workshop/camp for your institution as well as craft a customised learning syllabus, please click here!


Hire a long term trainer

Our vault of highly talented trainers is sourced from the collective alumni of the Malaysian Debating Community. Only the highest tier of the pool with a minimum achievement of being a former national champion are recruited as Preferred Consultants of MIDP. Our Preferred Consultants are graded according to their debating and training achievements. This grading will reflect the variance of hourly fees and monthly fees charged for their individual remuneration. To hire one, click here

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