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MIDP believes that educators plays a very important role in transforming or developing a student’s soft skills. We also believe that many students look up to their educators as role models. It is therefore one of our main objectives to provide the support system and training programs that will aid educators to be able to give their students more than what they are already doing. We have designed a few programs that directly deal with managing student communication programs but also not forgetting programs that help educators brush up and improve on their own skills.MIDP provides consultancy and training to organizations planning to develop effective thinking and speaking programmes. We conduct research, organize events, develop expertise, and training programmes that include extensive critical and analytical thinking and communicative skills.  

Adjudicators Accreditation Workshop

MIDP stands as an initiative that carries a moral imperative, a commitment to share and spread the knowledge that will further enhance in complete the overall learning experience of Malaysians in general. Adjudicators accreditation workshop is designed to accredit teachers as adjudicators as a means of development and enhancement of the debating program in schools in order to provide clear understanding of the rules of debate and more importantly to share the techniques of giving constructive feedback. We also aim to provide clear understanding of the rules of debate, to help deepening the duties of each debater in adjudicating  and to understand the difference and the scoring in terms of manner, matter and method. To request for Adjudicators Accreditation Workshop click here!


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