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Why learn with debating in mind?

Debating is one of the most complete tools for soft skills development. More importantly, it requires participants to consider different point of views before concluding the strategy of their presentation approach and strategy. In any case, please view our benefit study below:

The Value of Debating as a tool of Leadership & Personal Soft Skills Development
Skill Leadership Value Personal Utility Value
Communication Skills Audience analysis, contextual tone, sensitivities, listening Autonomy
Showmanship Confidence Esteem
Problem Solving Skills Creativity and innovative thinking Conscience
Critical & Analytical Thinking Developing thinking capacity Seeking Truth
Teamwork Cohesiveness, Consistency, Dynamism Team Player
English Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, diction, Survival
Lateral thinking Ability to solve problems through reasoning by applying a wide range of possibilities Creativity
Culture of reading Covers a wide range of topic and themes Seeking Knowledge
Speech Articulation Openness
Life-Long Learning Keeping  up with current issues, Continuous preparation Humility
Source: Benefit Study, Malaysian Institute for Debate & Public Speaking (MIDP), 2010


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