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The Malaysian Institute for Debate Public Speaking (MIDP) is a social enterprise that facilitates the promotion and development of debate and public speaking as the main tool for human capital development. This is based on the understanding of MIDP that the ability to think critically on contemporary issues and the ability to communicate those thoughts are fundamental to effectively carry out all operations. The main model of MIDP is to have past university and high school champions teach and pass down their expertise to the future generations. With almost 100 individuals lending a hand, we are quite secure with the number of available trainers.




In order to maximize this promotion and development, MIDP has specific strategies to execute:


  • Advocating and making sure that Debating and Public Speaking be a competitive extra-curricular activity for all schools.


  • Advocating and encourage Debating and Public Speaking to be part of the National Syllabus.


  • Develop Educators of the English Language in Malaysia to be equipped to teach Debating and Public Speaking in Malaysia through accreditation.


  • Conduct research to produce quality publications into the areas of Debate & Public Speaking with the hope that the findings will formalize the Malaysian Public Education syllabus on Debating and Public Speaking as well as to help students as a point of reference to improve.


  • MIDP also aims to make sure that Debate and Public Speaking be skills that is accessible to the most number of students in Malaysia, particularly in areas where students wouldn’t have this exposure such as in rural areas and outskirts of cities.


  • MIDP also aims to advocate for and encourage awareness over contemporary issues that are not only always debated but also impacts the lives of many by facilitating campaigns and events that seeks to bring awareness of these issues




In order to achieve its goals, MIDP has collaborated with numerous organizations and bodies which are invested in the development of the Malaysian Youths as well as the advocacy of issues that are always debated on.

Some of these collaborators are:


  • English Speaking Union Malaysia
  • Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia
  • Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia
  • Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation
  • ASEAN Inter-Governmental Commision of Human Rights Malaysia
  • Ministry of Education Malaysia
  • UEM Berhad
  • Transparency International Malaysia
  • Citizens Against Child Sexual Abuse
  • Khazanah Nasional Berhad
  • Majlis Amanah Rakyat
  • BFM 89.9
  • Malaysian Universities Debating Council




Beyond encouraging the development of a student to its fullest extent with Debating and Public Speaking, MIDP also strives to ensure that this development reaches every corner of Malaysia. This include as many Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Public Schools, Private Schools, and Corporations in as many towns and cities in all states in Malaysia. MIDP runs an average of 40 events annually which comprises of competitions, workshops and forums each of which garners the participation of over 100 Malaysian Students. MIDP estimates the competition and development of over 5000 students annually from different corners of the country.

Meet Our Great Team

Associate Professor Dr Chandran Somasundram/Executive Advisor

Ahmed Faris/Chief Executive Officer

Med can be reached via ahmedfaris@midp.edu.my

Tariq Maketab/Director

Emellia Shariff/Legal Advisor

Izzat Arif/Communications Manager

Vishal Sidhu/Operations Manager

Allison Jong

Zara Nadhirah

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