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Malaysia making history, again!

Malaysia making history, again!

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Breaking the ceiling by Terence Aaron

There are moments in history where you’ll ask the people around you where were they when it happened. These moments don’t come often. On the 20th of July, 2016, that happened to Malaysia. These moments didn’t happen in a vacuum. They happen because of the hard work of individuals passionate in their art.

In 1993, the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) decided to host the Australasian Debating Championship. They are the first Asian University to do so. This was the first dent in Australia and New Zealand’s dominance in the sport.

Then in 1998, we had the first Malaysian, Praba Ganesan to win the Martin Sorensen trophy. The trophy is for best speaker of the tournament. Praba won it while debating with De La Salle University-Manila.

In 2004, Multimedia University became the runners up to the tournament. Despite years of progress, no Malaysian team won the tournament. The ceiling seems far and impenetrable.

This year, what we thought was impossible happened. The International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) became champions. For the second time in a row, Universiti Malaya (UM) became the champions of the ESL Category. Universiti Teknologi MARA (UT MARA) made it to the semi-finals of the open category. They gave way to the eventual champions.

Every country has their cultural icons. They comprise of laureates, athletes, lawmakers, warriors, or even diplomats. Maybe in Malaysia, our debaters are our cultural icons. These are the faces that MIDP looks up to and shape our future from.

Heartfelt congratulations to IIUM (Ameera Natasha Moore, Sara Abdul Rahim, and Mubarrat Wassey), UM (Sharon Jessy, Leeroy Ting, and Vinodhan Kuppz) and UT MARA (Jasmine Ho, Muayyad Khairulmaini and Mifzal Mohammed).

As we build the next generation of debaters, this generation is the inspiration and MIDP looks forward to continuing this new-found tradition. Thank you for all your hard work, the ceiling no longer looks far; it no longer looks impenetrable.

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